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As the part of TV & VOD streaming solution we have implemented the transcoder, named XTranscoder, which is capable of conversion between multimedia formats and streaming via XStreaming and RTP.

   XTranscoder Operation

The following media sources could serve as the input to XTranscoder:

  • X-Streaming
  • MPEG-TS over UDP
  • DirectShow capturing sources
  • Tuners
  • Files
  • Directories

Splitting and decompression modules:

  • AVI, 3GP, MP4, MPEG PS, MPEG TS, DirectShow splitters
  • MPEG Audio, MPEG2 Video, MP3, MPEG4, AMR NB, DirectShow Decoders

Muxing and compression modules:

  • AVI, XStreaming
  • AAC, AAC+, MP3, MPEG4 ASP, H264

As a destination, XTranscoder is capable of producing:

  • Files
    If multiple sources are specified (for example local directory) the transcoder will join them into single stream.
  • Directories
    Transcoder can work in multiple local files destination mode. As result it geneterates one/several output video/audio files. In this mode transcoder automatically generates output file name. If multiple sources are specified (for example local directory) the transcoder will convert all sources into separated output files.
  • X-Streaming
  • RTP over UDP streaming
    It is possible for X-Transcoder to perform streaming through RTP streams to be delivered via restreaming solution like Darwin Streaming Server.

XTranscoder media pipeline includes the full Crystal2 Media transformation modules:

  • Deinterlacing filter
  • Video resizing (bi-linear & nearest)
  • Aspect correction & cropping
  • PCM conversion, up and down mixing
  • Hi-pass and auto-volume audio filters

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