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Crystal2 Media framework contains all the required components to perform playback of the streaming media from different sources as well as to serve as a streaming source for the streaming clients. For the client side, the following protocols are supported:

  • XStreaming
  • HTTP streaming
  • RTSP streaming
  • MMS streaming

With the portal specific extensions, Crystal2 Media is capable of fetching the content list from web portals and stream them to the user. Currently we support:


For the destination, for example in transcoder solution, the following protocols could be used:

  • RTP
  • XStreaming


Delivering media data via WIFI and cellular networks is no easy task. We have implemented our own XStreaming format to overcome the problems associated with wireless streaming - the bandwidth availability and connection instability.

XStreaming protocol and implementation is capable of dynamic resolution of the channel throughoutput problems on the level of re-streaming system. In practice that means the following:

  • there is the only need of one type of content source coming from transcoder, for example, qVGA 320x240, MPEG4 ASP;
  • the streaming server to which the end-user terminal is connected is capable of dynamic reduction of the traffic for each user in case there is the bandwidth problem;
  • in the reduced mode, the audio is played on it's normal rate, the video playback is played on the reduced FPS rate, frames do not contain artifacts;
  • as soon as the bandwidth is normal for full quality playback, streaming server dynamically increases the traffic to the end user to the nominal level.
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