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Crystal2 Platform implements playback, recording, capturing and streaming of audio and video content. Crystal2 is designed to give its users powerful possibilities in building multimedia solutions for desktop and mobile platforms. The platform is designed after the team experience with Microsoft DirectShow, Microsoft Media Foundation, Apple QuickTime and simple systems like VFW and ACM. The main purpose of Crystal2 is its use as a constructor for the implementaion of software systems for end users or business solutions in the multimedia field. The example of software system for the consumers is Crystal2Mobile Player - video player for the mobile platforms running on Symbian and WindowsMobile smartphones. The examples of business solutions are Video On Demand, IP TV and Video Call systems, developed for mobile operators and targetted for distibution of mobile video-content and to provide VAS services.

The key features of Crystal2:

  • Multiplatform: currently runs on WindowsMobile, Symbian, Windows and Linux;
  • Flexible: products build with Crystal2 can be customized by adding or replacing components;
  • Universal: playback, recording, streaming and transcoding;
  • Fast: apply OSD elements on video stream, video filters and audio equalizer in realtime on 200 MHz device.

Crystal2 provides all necessary tools and libraries to build general-purpose and specifically multimedia applications in efficient and portable manner.


Crystal2 Platform is built from the set of packages, providing the functionality required by application. The main packages are:

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Crystal2 Platform
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