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Crystal Reality MPEG1/2 Video decoder

Crystal Reality MPEG1/2 video decoder is software only, fully ISO/IEC 11172-2, ISO/IEC 13818-2 standards compliant MPEG1 and MPEG2 video stream decoding engine. Supports MMX, SSE and SSE2 instruction set of modern x86 CPUs.

Decoder is implemented in portable ANSI C language, plus additional assembler optimized functions for x86 CPU. Code is fully reentrant, multiple instances of decoder are allowed. Code uses only fixed-point arithmetic, making it portable to embedded devices, which do not provide floating point coprocessor.

Profile and level: up to High Profile @ High Level (Base layer)
Bitrates: up to 100 MBit/sec
Resolution: up to 1920x1152, 60 FPS
Chroma formats: 4:2:0, 4:2:2, 4:4:4

x86 DLL: Dynamic library for Windows (.DLL) and Linux (.SO) with ANSI C callable interface
Symbian DLL: Dynamic library for Symbian OS 6.1 and 7.0 (.DLL) with ANSI C++ callable interface
DirectShow filter:Windows DirectShow filter (.ax)
Crystal2 Plugin: Module for Crystal2 platform

If you have questions regarding pricing or technical details and are interested in licensing of those packages, or ANSI C sources, feel free to contact us via

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