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   11 Feb 2011 Meet us at GSMA Mobile World Congress!

We are happy to announce we will be at GSMA Mobile World Congress from 14-17 February 2011 in Barcelona, Spain and present our complete IPTV and VOD software system for Mobile Network Operators, Content Providers and TV channels.

Our booth is 2.1 C29 in the 2.1 hall on the second floor, we will be happy to meet you there!

To set up a meeting, please write us to

   27 Aug 2010 Crystal TV is now available for Windows and Macs!

We're happy to announce that Crystal TV, #1 AppStore top paid and top grossing app for more than two weeks, is now available for Windows and Mac!

With the same great experience of iPad & iPhone version, Crystal TV brings even more channels for desktop and laptop users, while keeping the cool feature of dynamic adaptation to your internet bandwidth conditions.

   17 Jul 2010 Crystal TV for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch becomes #1 Russian AppStore leader!

Since just a few days from release for iDevices, Crystal TV becomes number one top paid and top grossing application in Russian AppStore.

This is a huge success for us and all our users! We are trying hard to keep Crystal TV experience as good as it can be. Stay tuned, we are preparing even bigger things for all lovers of TV entertainment!

   25 Jan 2010 Yota uses Crystal Reality CDN and Monitoring system for Yota TV

WiMax Holding Limited (brand Yota) has licensed Crystal TV Monitoring System containing CDN for Yota TV product.

Crystal TV Monitoring System is distributed IPTV service for mobile devices. The System can be installed on x86 based server stations based on OS Linux or OS Windows Server and integrates with Mobile Operator or Content Provider providing full-functional IPTV service. The System supports wide set of different mobile devices including communicators based on Windows Mobile, Symbian, Android and iPhone.

   28 May 2009 Yota uses Crystal Reality for video calls

WiMax Holding Limited (brand Yota) has licensed Crystal Reality media components, namely Crystal Media Manager to use in it's HTC MAX 4G video call system.

Crystal Media Manager is core engine, providing RTP implementation, sound and video compression, decompression and delivery modules. It provides the barebone for Yota Video Call system, enabling SIP calls with X-Lite, SJPhone, Flaphone.

   15 Jan 2009 Yota uses Crystal Reality technology for Yota TV

WiMax Holding Limited (brand Yota) has licensed Crystal Reality playback, transcoding and streaming components to use them in Yota TV product.

The package contains Windows Mobile playback engine, MPEG4 decoder, server-side realtime live transcoders and streamers.

   27 Oct 2008 SPb Software licenses Crystal Reality Symbian video player

SPb Software, the global leader in the design of Windows Mobile applications, with R&D and design centers in Russia and Thailand, and presence in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and USA has licensed Crystal Reality Symbian video player to use it its SPb TV product.

Crystal Reality technology already powers SPb TV for Pocket PC, subscription-free live TV with a compelling user experience and fully optimized for viewing on mobile devices.

   6 Oct 2008 Crystal2 Platform is licensed by Spb Software House!

Spb Software is the global leader in the design of Windows Mobile applications, with R&D and design centers in Russia and Thailand, and presence in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and USA. Spb combines a unique line of popular consumer products and cooperation with the world's leading OEMs and carriers, such as ASUSTeK, BenQ Siemens, E-TEN, Fly, Fujitsu Siemens Computers, Gigabyte, HTC, O2, Optimus, Palm, Pharos, SingTel, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Swisscom Mobile, Toshiba, T-Mobile, and VimpelCom.

Spb Software has licensed Crystal Reality Crystal2TM technology components, including:

  • Multimedia Engine
  • RTSP streaming
  • Skin Engine & OSD
  • MPEG4 ASP Decoder

More information about Spb Software products and services can be found on Spb Software company website:

Crystal2 Platform is described at Crystal Reality technology and solutions pages.

   31 May 2007 CrystalPlayer 1.98 released!

Crystal Reality team is happy to announce the availability of CrystalPlayer 1.98 product with more than usual number of enhancements, fixes and improvements.

Highlights of this release include full Windows Vista support, built-in MPEG4 decoder, automatic deinterlace filter and many more.

Full list:

  • New: Complete Windows Vista support: overlays, WMV playback, Glass, Shadows
  • New: Vista Glass support in skin engine
  • New: Keyboard with multimedia keys support, right mouse click using 'Menu' keyboard key
  • New: Built-in MPEG4 decoder
  • New: Nullsoft installer, translation .ttb files are now located just in the installation folder
  • New: Each codec in the codecbase now uses its own installer
  • New: Major speed optimizations for huge playlists loading
  • New: Drag&Drop subtitles acceptance
  • New: Languages update - Arabic and Dutch added
  • New: Current splitter and decoder are now shown in property dialog ('P' key)
  • New: Better move by mouse in playlist
  • New: Show messages during adding file to playlist and searching codec
  • New: Playlist is automaticall saved after any playlist change
  • New: Auto-deinterlacing filter
  • New: Show total playback time in the playlist mode
  • New: Sticky movie and system time in the playback mode
  • New: Supersampling doesn't leave "red line" on the right border
  • New: Autoclick to menu on OSD when moving the mouse
  • New: AC3 Decoder LFE channel mix in stereo mode
  • New: Save current position in playlist
  • New: Playlist is not saved in wife-protection mode
  • New: Equalizer and Seeking Bar display can be toggled on/off
  • Bugfix: Skins bugfixes, redownload skins please
  • Bugfix: Windows 98 is finally supported (95 is not)
  • Bugfix: Misc AVI Splitter fixes
  • Bugfix: YV12 on non-standard widths fixed
  • Bugfix: Better playlist randomization
  • Bugfix: MPEG2 Decoder fixes with Vista MPEG2 splitter
  • Bugfix: CD/DVD while where is no any compact disc in device problem
  • Bugfix: Playlist sorting
  • Bugfix: If minimized and run other file form explorer - window restored not into foreground
  • Bugfix: New scale for volume control (not -12..+12, but 0-100-200)
  • Bugfix: Equalizer fixes
  • Bugfix: Timebar repaint fix - more time until fadeout if mouse under timebar or equalizer
  • Workaround: Latest DivX put icon in taskbar and CP loses focus
  • Bugfix: Copy to clipboard didn't always work
  • Bugfix: Current playing file is now in the top of the recent list

Thanks for using Crystal Reality products! Send us your experience to and our forums.

   21 Apr 2006 The announce of Crystal2Mobile product for Series60!

Crystal Reality LLC is proud to announce the availability of Crystal2Mobile product, providing the high-quality DVD video playback on the Symbian based mobile phones.

The Crystal2Mobile is the bundle of C2M Player, video player for Symbian based mobile phones and C2M Producer, the user-friendly tool to transfer DVD discs and video files into mobile-friendly format.

The key difference among the competitors is the complete DVD support in the C2M Producer as well as numerous advanced features in the C2M Player, the only courtesy of PC players before. This includes: automatic codec downloader, video filters, on screen display and preview thumbnails.

Crystal2Mobile supports the whole range of Series60 based mobile phones, such as Nokia 3650, N-Gage, 6630, 6680, N70 as well as many others.

Crystal2Mobile is only $29.95 and all updates to future versions are FREE!

Enjoy the new DVD experience on mobile with Crystal2Mobile!

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Meet us at GSMA Mobile World Congress!
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Crystal TV is now available for Windows and Macs!
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Crystal TV for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch becomes #1 Russian AppStore leader!
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